quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2008

The Happening....Only Love Will Save U.S

Science has been a giant database of valuable information for the western world...When a unknown act of nature occurs the database has to be accessed, and if none valuable explanation is found, a new entry is made by the Scientif Community... the warm blanket of the west.
Nature evolves quicker and more fast than science, nature is the object science the method. To communicate with nature only the 5 senses can be used to absorb and "understand" the huge quantity of information that is present in the Universe.
Don´t break your mind Quantic Physic, use your heart...
Mahatma 2008

terça-feira, 12 de agosto de 2008

Hitchhiking in Delhi

I´m living in Delhi since 1 month, during this month I learned how to travel in this huge city with 14 000 000 people and 12 000 000 vehicles!
I do an average of 100 km per day home--work---home---south-delhi---home again, in the beguinning mostly was made by Taxi, then i understood the use of the Rickshaw( bike with 3 little wheels) and now hitchiking... every day, I repeat every day is possible to catch easily a ride with a bike or a truck.
With a bike its a crazy experience when u r driving 4ppl on a scooter in a huge congestioned highway...no fear comes 2 me, the trafic here is caotic, but i never saw an accident...
When u catch a ride with a truck u beguin a completely different ride, first u need to explain where are u going... its getting easy now, then u climb to a huge truck where u can c maybe 30/40 ppl on in the top of others, u think there is no space but solidarity is a feeling that its so real in India... Its strange to see all the indian half dressed, black feet with me in a suit with a laptop in my lap learning how to speak hindi.... Amazing feelings everyday hitchhiking in Delhi, the city where the lightning bolts enlight a clear sky full of stars...

segunda-feira, 4 de agosto de 2008